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A Bowlful of Cherries
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A Bowlful of Cherries is included in DRAW Reflections in Colored Pencils published by Ann Kullberg.  The book offers step-by-step demos of colored pencil reflection techniques from 28 artists and features ways to handle color, light, shine and sparkle.  Order at

Glass with Lemons
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Glass with Lemons is available as part of the Jumpstart series of easy lessons in colored pencils.  It is created on grey paper in 10 easy steps.  Order the tutorial at

Glistening Cherries is a great way to learn colored pencil techniques on black paper.  With 32 detailed steps you will learn how to draw crystal and create colors that pop on dark paper.  The tutorial available at

Glistening Cherries
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Marbles on Colored Paper is a great way to learn how to draw glass.  The skills you learn in this tutorial can be applied to drawing any glass object.  This  Jumpstart 2 tutorial is available at

Marbles on Colored Paper
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