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Online Workshops

Carmen teaches online classes throughout the year at Ann Kullberg (, the North Carolina Botanical Gardens ( and the Apex (NC) Senior Center ( 
Check her website regularly for current classes.
In addition, Carmen has also written several colored pencil tutorials available at

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Coming Soon

September 25 and 27

Glass Pumpkins and an Apple on Black Paper

with Colored Pencils

Carmen's next workshop will feature two shiny glass pumpkins and an apple painted on black paper. Working on black paper can be challenging but Carmen will provide you with lots of tips to help you succeed.  Registration will open a month before at

Glistening Cherries

Is that really colored pencil?  Yes! And in this video recording of her live workshop, Carmen will show you step by step how to make your cherries glisten and glow, too, as you follow along.  Watch how she does it, then try it yourself.  You'll have anytime-always video access. Learn at your own speed... and refer to it again and again.

Begin with a value study in white, then gradually add color, starting with light reds and going ever darker to recreate these plump, vivid, eye-popping bombs of glistening color.  Access the video workshop at

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